Would you like the opportunity to demonstrate and improve your digital skills?

Current Opportunity: Digital Media & Marketing Support

Launch of the IUA Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning project 
November 7th – 2.30pm – Convention Centre Dublin

This 3 year IUA-led project is funded through the HEA’s Innovation and Transformation Programme. It is aimed at enhancing the digital attributes and educational experiences of Irish university students through enabling the mainstreamed and integrated use of digital technologies across the teaching and learning process in the seven universities.

What’s involved? Managing and contributing to social media, recording vox-pops and short video interviews.

Incentives & benefits: travel expenses, hourly pay, lunch will be provided, Digital Champions hoodie, opportunity to put your skills into practice, Digital Badge!

Please note this opportunity is in Dublin on Nov 7th so you must be free on this date.

Please fill in your details or email us DigiChamps@nuigalway.ie

Digichamps, NUIG