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Social Media & Managing your Online Identity, Sep 25th聽

During this two hour workhsop participants will be given an overview of the most popluar social media tools and how best they can be used to manage and promote your online identity.

The workshop will be interactive with participants getting the chance to “map’ where they are spending their time online and how this relates to where they would like to be ‘online’.

We’ll also be discussing the considerations and concerns around social media – including how to secure your social media accounts, promote yourself safely, separate personal from professional and enhance your current identity!

This workshop is open to staff and students at NUI Galway.

Facilitators: Gr谩inne McGrath & Blaneth McSharry along with Digital Champions!

*** Lunch provided

Please note this event is for staff and students at NUI Galway.

Ace your exams: Free tools and apps to help ace your exams, Oct 2nd!


About this Event

In this two hour workshop you’re going to learn about all of the tools and apps we’ve tested used over the last few years to help you ace exams, manage your schedule communicate online and free up time to live your life.

All without breaking a sweat!

This workshop is facilitated by Darragh from Educated Machine 馃檪

Lunch will be provided!

Please note this workshop is open to staff and students at NUI Galway.

Online Video and Creating you Own Video Pitch, Oct 3rd

About this Event

This workshop is a collaboration between Digital Champions and NUIG Careers.

In this workshop we’ll take your through the best practise for creating and using video for your projects, interviews and online portfolios.

We’ll show you some of the tools available and how they can be used to effectively promote yourself in an interview or through a project or portfolio.

We’ll bring along some of the equipment that can enhance your videos and point you to the resources available to students on campus.

Please note this workshop is open to students at NUI Galway.

An exciting introduction to the NUIG MakerSpace, Oct 9th

About this Event

Workshop Outline:

路 Introduction to the technology available in the MakerSpace

路 Description of use for each item, basic set-up

路 Introduction to training available, self-teaching resources

路 Process for checking out tech/using the space

The tech that we鈥檒l look at includes:

路 RaspberryPi

路 Arduino

路 Insta 360

路 DJI Gimbal

路 DJI Spark Drone

路 3D design programmes

路 Ultimaker2 3D Printer

路 Form2 3D Printer

路 Oculus Quest Headset

By the conclusion of this short workshop students will know what resources are available to them in the MakerSpace, how and when they can access the space, how to book a space in upcoming workshops and how to check out drones, gimbals and headsets for use outside of the library.

Lunch provided!

Please note this workshop is open to staff and students at NUI Galway.

Podcasts – The Power of the Spoken Word

About this Event

In this workshop, participants will learn how to: find and subscribe to podcasts, plan a podcast, explore the technologies to record and edit a podcast, and produce and publish their own short programme.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have learned how to: 路 search, download, and subscribe to podcasts 路 connect and set up microphones, apps, or other software 路 make a podcast, including editing different components together.

This workshop is facilitated by Digital Champions and is open to students and staff at NUI Galway.

Lunch will be provided.

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Past Events

List of Past Events Ran by Digichamps

Digital Identity and Social Media

The them for this year’s first workshop was online identity. In this workshop, we reflected on and discussed our current online identity and use of social media. We examined the practical steps that can be taken to manage, develop and build their online presence and identity.
We also ran a really construction Visitors and Residents mapping section – For more on VandR go to the blog!

Digital Identity and Social Media

We kicked off our video workshop with a reflection on how our Digital Champions are using video and how they would like to use it. After this we took ourselves to the CELT Studio for a very practical, hands on session And we created our own video based on the themes we had explored in the workshop

Digital Identity and Social Media

Eileen Walsh, NUIG Library, devised and facilitated a workshop on design and presentation. In the workshop, we discussed and reflected on the design process. All the Digital Champions who attended also got a chance to get hands-on聽and create their own poster design.