Digital Champions Overview

Digital Champions, launched in 2016, is a staff and student partnership programme running in NUI Galway and funded by Explore.

We’re looking for enthusiastic students who would like to be part of a campaign to help improve people’s awareness and confidence in using digital technologies.

One of our main areas of focus this semester will be on Digital Identity & Wellbeing, and we’ll be working in collaboration¬†with staff and students in other institutions in Ireland and beyond.


You will be invited to attend three workshops, focused on developing your own digital skills.

In 2016, the primary focus is on managing and developing an online identity


Get involved in a minimum of two practical activities.

( Surveying peers, developing video, audio or other training resources, contributing to the Digital Champions blog or website etc )


Share these resources at a showcase day and publish as reusable OER’s.
Staff and students are welcome to attend workshops on a one-off basis without committing to the programme.
All levels of participation are welcomed!

What are the Benefits of getting Involved?

You’ll improve your own knowledge and skills, not just about technologies, but about campaigns, organising and facilitating events, training others and being part of a team.

Successful participation will allow you to earn digital badges which are little electronic certificates of achievement which you can post on websites, LinkedIn and include in your CV. You can earn the ALIVE certificate by spending 10 or more hours on the project.

You’ll be getting a chance to help shape the future of digital skills in Irish HE; a chance to collaborate with students and staff in other institutions and a chance to be part of a broad campaign that helps others become more empowered to flourish in the digital age.

Digital Champions is also part of a wider national project, called All Aboard.

In the project ( coordinated by NUIG ), we’re aiming to provide training, support and online resources to help anyone in Irish higher education build up their confidence in using technologies, from covering the basics of using your smartphone to more sophisticated tools.

We’ve built a Digital Skills Framework in the style of a Metro-Map which captures the various topics that we think are important. The feedback you give and resources you develop will feedback into this wider project

Image Gallery

Here, you can find images of all the events the Digital Champions have been involved in. You can also click on some of the titles to be brought to a blog post about the event

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